35 Broad Street
01905 729955

I HAVE been to the Massalla Lounge on several occasions and have yet to be anything other than delighted with the food and service.

My latest visit was no exception. My partner and I booked our table for 8pm on a rather dreary Friday night.

The atmosphere in the restaurant is welcoming and relaxing, with a clean, modern decor, and the staff were on hand to seat us straight away.

We opted for the Massalla meal for two, a bargain at £25.95 for all that it includes.

We were presented with two poppadoms and chutneys to whet our appetites before the appetiser arrived.

We chose the Massalla platter which includes a selection of kebabs of fish chicken and lamb (an extra £1.50 is added to the cost of the meal for fish dishes).

The platter was a delightful, light starter and each kebab was full of flavour.

The dishes were promptly cleared away, despite the restaurant getting busier during our meal.

For the main course, we had the swordfish jula and the Thai niligri, with chicken.

The swordfish jula is described as a “rich seafood dish” but watch out for the spicy kick. Even my partner, who is partial to a bit of spice, had to have more than a few gulps of his beer.

The Thai niligri, though, was the perfect accompaniment. This lived up to its description as a “very rich and flavoured dish”.

It was, in all respects, one of the nicest dishes I’ve had at the Massalla Lounge.

The meal for two also came with a side dish. We opted for the aloo palak, a mix of potatoes and spinach, a saffron pilau rice and a special naan.

By the end of our meal we were too full for dessert (in fact none were offered to us, but we didn’t mind).

However, we were presented with a complimentary Baileys for the lady and a whisky for the gentleman and a selection of sweets to end the meal on a high.

Our total bill came to £42.75 which also included two bottled beers and two glasses of wine.

Food 4
Service 5
Ambience 4
Value for money 5