IT'S a scenario familiar to many parents - the child with a roomful of toys who declares loudly: 'I'm bored'. It's a scene depicted amusingly in this book, where a little girl tries out a range of playthings before bestowing on each one a dismissive adjective. Thus a jigsaw is 'too piecy', a ride-on cow is 'too mooey' and a dressing-up outfit is 'too princessy'.

Eventually – in a scenario also familiar to many parents who find that expensive Christmas present ignored in favour of the packaging – she alights on the perfect plaything... the cardboard box in which the toys were stored, which becomes a fantastic castle. It's playtime! This is a fun book for young children which shows that all you need to have a great time is imagination.

Published by Bloomsbury, ISBN: 978-1599907222, RRP £5.99.