NEW security cameras aimed at stopping yobs and thieves getting on city allotments are being fitted this week – and not before time according to the site’s co-ordinator.

Perdiswell allotments site co-ordinator Dan Robb said that over the last month pellet gun rounds have been fired at a greenhouse, while intruders have got into polytunnels, even using them as cover to fire out of.

The site is sandwiched between Droitwich Road, a city council depot near the park and ride, and a municipal golf course.

Mr Robb said there was always an increase of opportunist intruders at this time of year as the weather gets better which encourages kids to be kids, while thieves also get in expecting gardeners to have planting machinery stored in their sheds.

Now city councillors Andy Roberts, Sue Askin and county councillor Mary Drinkwater, together with West Mercia Police, have made donations to pay for two cameras after Mr Robb asked for their help.

Together they raised £1,384 by the end of March for Worcester City Council to hire an engineer to do the work.

The city council said the work would start at the end of April, but Mr Robb heard nothing more despite asking for an update earlier this month – so he contacted the Worcester News for help.

The city council said there had been a delay as an engineer had been waiting for data cards for the cameras to be shipped from Europe.

Mr Robb believes the cameras will be the perfect deterrent to stop people trespassing as the camera footage can be viewed after any incidents.

But he bemoaned the lack of communication by the council.

“Kids will be kids, but they can do a lot of damage getting on a plot and messing about,” said Mr Robb. “I e-mailed the city council, but heard nothing in a month.”

A spokesman for the city council said: “The work started on Monday and is continuing this week.”