Cripplegate Park

Tybridge Street



01905 429800

I HAVE heard many things about the former life of the building which is now the Pavilion in the Park.

Situated in Cripplegate Park, Worcester, the eaterie is out of town but close enough to provide a good starting base for those who are out for the night, or people just hoping for a more relaxed evening.

When we booked our table for Saturday night, we were warned as there was a band scheduled to play at 10pm, we might be disturbed by a sound check.

That didn’t bother us at all.

Making our way straight to the bar, I was glad to notice the place was busier than I had been expecting.

After ordering drinks we were shown to our seats by the very helpful bar lady, where we dived into the menu.

My initial thought was that the starters were rather pricey, but I opted for the tempura king prawns with sweet chilli sauce (£6.50), which were delicious.

The batter was light and crispy, while the prawns were incredibly plump and juicy.

My partner went for the scampi (£6), which he also said was crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside.

For the main course, I chose the fajita combo (£8.50) – a mix of chicken and beef with onions and peppers – which was served with three tortilla wraps, salsa, sour cream, guacamole and cheese. The meat, pepper and onion mixture arrived on a sizzling hot plate and made for an impressive sight.

The mix was deliciously seasoned and there was a lot to share. After making my way through two-and-a-half wraps, I had enough left over for at least another one.

My partner opted for the plain burger (£9), which he said was as good as any burger he’d tasted elsewhere.

For dessert, I went for the creamy cheesecake (£5), while my partner went for a chocolate sundae (£4), which was beautifully presented as a dessert, rather than a child’s pudding.

Overall we had a lovely night, sticking around for a few drinks long after we had finished our food while we watched the finale of the Olympics ‘Super Saturday’ on the TV.


Food 3

Service 4

Atmosphere 3

Value for money 4