ANIMAL rights campaigners converged on Malvern on Saturday to protest against the live export of sheep.

Fifteen people arrived outside the headquarters of the national sheep farmers interest group in to deliver a letter of concern.

The campaigners want the National Sheep Association, which is based in Blackmore Park Road, Malvern, to change its official advice to farmers on the export of live sheep and recommend that it not take place.

One of the protesters Pauline Burgess, of Richmond Road, Malvern, said: "It was a very good protest. We all turned up at on Saturday and hand-delivered a letter to them, saying we are against the live export of sheep and want them to advise against it.

"We knocked on the door of the headquarters but nobody came to see us.

"The group says it has very stringent regulations on the live export of sheep, but we are unhappy and feel sheep can end up in a very bad way."

A letter has also been sent to West Worcestershire MP Sir Michael Spicer and Prime Minister Tony Blair - both of who have replied by saying they would look into it the matter.

Nobody from the National Sheep Association was available for comment.