A FORMER heroin user has had his sentence deferred for three months to prove he has turned his life around.

Jason Williams, of Burrows Close, Malvern, admitted stealing Lynx toiletries worth £14.95 from the One Stop Shop, Pickersleigh Road on July 8, when he appeared at Worcester Magistrates Court.

The court was told the 34- year-old had 55 offences on his record, with 32 for theft.

He stole the toiletries to raise money to buy heroin.

Mark Turnbull, defending, said Williams had been attending the drug treatment service Pathways and was on a methadone prescription, although there had been times when he taken himself off it. His last random drug test a couple of months ago had come up negative, said Mr Turnbull.

Deferring sentence until Monday, January 7, chairman of the bench Chris Size said: “You have got a dreadful record as you know but deferring sentence will give you a chance for three months so long as you don’t commit any other offences. The idea is you prove what you are doing and you keep off drugs.”

As part of the sentence, Williams must continue his treatment with Pathways and not commit further offences.