MADAM - I have to say that I disagree with R. Sanders (letter) regarding the necessity of building an eastern bypass to ease traffic congestion in Bromsgrove.

The proposal is a backwards step, as it will encourage more road pollution and therefore contribute to climate change.

Incidents like the recent floods in the region will only become more common, unless we are prepared to address our toxic addiction to fossil fuels and our reliance on heavily polluting forms of transport- such as the car.

With two major cycle network pathways running through Bromsgrove, it is just as easy to get to cities such as Birmingham and Worcester by bike as it is to drive.

The new train station at Worcestershire Parkway means that it is possible to access long distance train services by bike, without having to travel through Birmingham.

There is simply no need for another major road in Bromsgrove. This will only encourage more cars and cause further damage to the planet.

Nicholas Hatton

Bant Mill Road