MADAM - I can't even begin to describe the selfishness of the people that have put their names on a document to Bromsgrove Council, suggesting that the town needs yet another new road.

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In 2019, Councillor Siobhan Hughes bravely put forward the motion that declared a climate emergency in the district. This looked like a real step forward in recognising the greatest threat that humanity has ever faced.

Bromsgrove's investment in sustainable transport infrastructure has been pitiful.

The new electric shuttle buses seemed like a promising idea. However, these have been derided by some local politicians.

Investment in active transport has been insufficient, as us cyclists are forced to navigate obstacles, such as bypasses, steps, potholes and aggressive car users.

The town can't get it's head out of the 20th century. New roads are only going to encourage more cars, which is one of the greatest contributions to greenhouse gas emissions.

We need green thinking people in Bromsgrove to speak up and to come up with ideas that are really going to help us to move forward.

Nicholas Hatton

Member of the Labour Party