HOME brewers in Worcestershire can now get hops for their beer straight from the farm gate.

Hop growers Richard and Ali Capper of Stocks Farm, Suckley, have created an industry breakthrough by being the first in the UK to sell freshly vac-packed hops direct from the farm in foil bags.

"The summer of 2014 gave us the most perfect growing conditions and it shows in the amazing aromas in this years hops," said Mrs Capper. "They are intense, wonderful and should brew some really excellent tasting beers. It’s really exciting for our farm to be able to provide the home brewer with the highest quality hops because after all, home brewers often start the new trends in brewing.”

There are nine varieties of Stocks Farm British Hops for the home brewer to choose from, including three not widely available elsewhere, Jester, Phoenix and Endeavour. In addition to Sovereign, Target, First Gold, Goldings, Bramling Cross and Pilgrim. These varieties are all grown and packaged at Stocks Farm straight from the 2014 harvest ready to be sold to home brewers at www.stocksfarm.net

Mrs Capper added: "All our varieties of Stocks Farm’s HomeBrew Hops are sold in 100g (3.5oz) foil vacuum packs. Foil vacuum packs are used to prevent the hops from bleaching and as the air is removed from the pack, the hops will not oxidise. This maintains the hops wonderful aroma and also ensures they retain their fresh green colour, thus leading to a longer shelf life for the home brewer. Using a foil vacuum pack to package the ‘fresh from farm’ hops provides the highest quality and freshness of each hop variety, protecting the hop aromas and making them perfect for brewing a myriad of beers."