WORCESTER-based housing developer has been rated one of the best in the UK

Lioncourt Homes, which is headquartered in Wainwright Road, Warndon, has been awarded a five star quality rating in the annual Home Builders Federation customer satisfaction survey. This is the maximum score that can be achieved in the survey which is designed to provide home buyers with information about home builders approach to quality in order to help guide their purchasing decision. It is also designed to promote excellent levels of service to be delivered by developers.

Colin Cole, chief executive of Lioncourt Homes, said: "Everyone in the business is totally committed to delivering the best possible quality and this approach has resulted in Lioncourt Homes being awarded the HBF five star status. We are one of only 15 house builders in the country to be awarded five stars this year.’

The results highlight that 100 per cent of Lioncourt customers said that they would recommend Lioncourt Homes to a friend.

Mr Cole added: "We are delighted with these results particularly as everyone in the Lioncourt business places such a high emphasis on the quality of their work, the quality of service and customer satisfaction. This means that potential buyers can rest assured that they would be making a good decision buying a Lioncourt home."

Stewart Baseley, executive chairman of the Home Builders Federation, added: "The customer satisfaction survey is an excellent way of measuring the level of customer service house builders achieve. The scheme is an independently monitored survey of the people who really matter to our industry, our customers. To achieve such a high level of customer satisfaction requires commitment from board room to site, and is a fantastic achievement."