A MALVERN technology company has won a $50,000 order from China as a direct result of the recent Worcestershire Ambassadors visit to the country.

The Ambassadors' trade links with the Hezhou region of China are now in their third year and have proved invaluable for award winning Malvern Instruments.

The company on the town's Enigma Business Park was one of the factory visits undertaken by the Hezhou delegation when they visited the UK in May 2013. As a follow-up, Malvern Instruments’ managing director and Worcestershire Ambassador Paul Walker joined the recent trade mission to China, which included one to one business meetings organized by the Hezhou local government.

As a result Malvern Instruments secured an order for two particle size analysers with a total value more than $50,000. Both customers produce products from calcium carbonate, millions of tons of which are mined and processed in this area of China centred on Hezhou.

Paul Walker said: "China is a huge opportunity for any British company making high quality products that can meet the needs of Chinese customers. Trade delegations such as those arranged by the Worcestershire Ambassadors play a vital part in building close relationships with Chinese customers that are critical to long-term success."

Handelsbanken branch manager Phil Dutton, former chairman of Worcestershire Ambassadors, who leads the China project added: “A prime objective of the Worcestershire Ambassadors is to promote the county externally. We are delighted this initiative has secured the first of hopefully more trade between the two regions. Worcester will be hosting a delegation from Hezhou, which will include 12 Chinese businesses in June and July this year. Part of our commitment to Hezhou is to link their businesses with Worcestershire businesses.”