WORCESTER-based presentation and communication company DRP Group has successfully launched its own online event registration service.

Developed by the group's interactive division, the service allows companies to efficiently conduct event registration processes online.

The system can be used for events catering for any number of delegates.

The service can include individual or group access coding for secure registration, automated confirmation e-mails and any number of entry fields specific to a particular event.

This allows delegates to confirm their attendance and requirements, or make cancellations on-line, from weeks in advance right up to the actual day of the event.

The system is fully comprehensive and can be used for a wide variety of purposes such as checking on a delegate's dietary requirements and confirming their travel arrangements. It can also be used to conduct pre-event competitions and deliver motivational content - this can be used to generate delegate participation either before or after an event.

Recently the group used the service to issue a series of clues for an event which was set to be held at a secret location.

Dale Parmenter, group manager, said: "The registration process is typically a tiresome one for any event organiser - from having to make sure that all delegates receive the correct information beforehand, to checking the attendance and accommodation detail on the actual day, thus reducing the time-consuming process when delegates are registering at the event.

"We decided to develop our own online registration service which has proved successful."

The new service has already been used by a number of DRP Group's clients such as Sains-bury's and Monster UK.