A GROUND-breaking new price tariff to protect Evesham residents from potential energy price increases linked to Brexit has been launched.

UK energy supplier Together Energy has launched Brexit Protect, a three-year fixed price protection plan through to Christmas 2020 for all local householders.

Evesham residents will also get £100 cash back, £50 on signing up and £50 nine months in, from Together Energy when they sign up for the “Brexit Protect” programme.

Together Energy says the costs of many household necessities have been rising and are expected to continue doing so.

The firm say with energy prices uncertain, particularly with Brexit coming up, the scheme is designed to be a "tariff protection plan for hard-pressed householders".

Paul Richards, chief executive of Together Energy, said: “We are already one of the lowest cost energy providers in the UK and this new deal for all Evesham residents takes the uncertainty out of budgeting for what may happen to energy prices post-Brexit.

“Thousands of customers are signing up to the new deal which also gives £100 cash back when you switch to Together Energy.”

For more information visit togetherenergy.co.uk.