A WORCESTER firm, one of the world's biggest suppliers of reusable jute bags, is encouraging people to think about the environment during the Christmas period.

Jutexpo, based in Broadway, is the world’s biggest supplier of reusable environmentally friendly jute bags and has more than 80 per cent of the UK market.

Shoppers using jute bags have helped reduced demand for plastic bags by more than six billion since the introduction of the tax on single use plastic carriers.

The 5p charge for these plastic bags was introduced in England in October 2015.

But Jutexpo points out figures show 1.5billion bags are still used in the UK each year, with around 30 per cent of those being in the pre-Christmas shopping rush.

Sam Turner, compliance director of Jutexpo, said: “The UK market has seen the supply of more than 20 million jute bags in the last two years and will reduce demand for reusable plastic bags by more than 12 billion over their lifetime.

“But the busy Christmas period is the time when shoppers lose focus on environmental issues in the big rush towards Christmas Day.

"The need to save the planet will still be there in January.”

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