A LAW firm is expecting a sharp increase in divorce inquiries now that the Christmas and New Year festivities have come to an end.

Experts at Worcestershire law firm Thursfields Solicitors are preparing sensitive advice as more than 40,500 people are predicted to search divorce online this month alone, according to the divorce support service Amicable.

A notable peak during the first month of the year is also evident in Google Trends data which shows January 2016 and January 2012 as the two most popular months for divorce searches in the last decade.

Charlotte Perry, who works in the family division at Thursfields Solicitors that has its headquarters in the city, said: “The new year signifies a new start, new beginnings and provides us with time to assess our current and future goals and ambitions.

“For some, the new year provides an opportunity to reflect on existing relationships and make decisions about the future, and so it’s not surprising that divorce enquiries increase in the weeks following the Christmas break. This is often the result of issues that have been building for some time.

"The next step is to seek advice from a friendly family solicitor, and that’s where our experts can be helpful.”