THE boss of Worcester firm Gtech has announced it will be manufacturing a new product in the county from 2019.

Details have not been released on the new product but the firm's owner and entrepreneur Nick Grey says 100 new jobs will be created in the region as a result of the move.

The manufacturer, which makes vacuum cleaners, lightweight bikes, power tools and other appliances, has its headquarters at the Shire Business Park in Warndon.

Mr Grey said: "One piece of feedback I get repeatedly from the British public is ‘Nick, why don’t you manufacture your products here?’, so we have designed the product to be manufactured here in the UK.

“Currently Gtech products are built in China and transported to the UK in shipping containers which are unloaded into a warehouse. They are then individually picked and delivered to consumers.

"Instead the new product will be built on the day of dispatch and collected from the end of the line by the courier. Consumers visiting Gtech’s shop will also have the option to collect their products directly from the line saving packaging.”

This year Gtech is planning to continue an international expansion into eight new territories in Asia, the Middle East and Europe.

The announcement has been made at the same time as Gtech's latest product, the Gtech Pro, a new cordless vacuum cleaner featuring a bag has gone on sale.

The product features a triple layer bag, with Mr Grey explaining that while some vacuum manufacturers emphasised the virtues of complicated cyclonic vacuum cleaners, the bag won’t go away as customers have stayed loyal to it

The Sunday Times has previously named Gtech as one of Britain’s fastest growing company based on three years’ worth of profits.