A TALENTED city mum is planning to use her skills to help other busy business owners.

Emmie Evans has just launched her own personal assistant franchise of Pink Spaghetti Worcester & Redditch, where she will be offering her time and experience to local small business owners, consultants, freelancers and home owners.

Ms Evans has had a varied career spanning from a very successful 12 years as a primary school teacher to IT security sales management.

Ms Evans says she will be using her skills as a great problem solver, being tenacious and determined, with a sense of adventure that took her to Borneo during her teaching career to share her skills with teachers there.

The 45-year-old from Diglis, has two teenage children and in her spare time she likes to keep fit by playing netball and jogging.

Having always wanted to run her own business, and when looking for a new challenge, Ms Evans came across Pink Spaghetti and realised her skills were a perfect match.

“Basically, it's pay as you go," Ms Evans said.

"There are a burgeoning number of micro-businesses across Worcestershire, many of which operate from people’s homes and are not in a position to employ a full time or even part time assistant.

“That is where I come in. I can take over the tasks that no business owner enjoys, from managing their social media to decluttering, bookkeeping and creating newsletters. Pink Spaghetti exists to take away the legwork from a business owner, releasing more time for them to spend on the parts of the business that they love.

“I believe I am unique in that I offer small businesses as many hours of support as they need, without any commitment and ties to a regular contract. Running my own business will be a new challenge, but will give me much greater flexibility. As well as having a better work life balance I am looking forward to helping other busy people achieve this.”