AURAYA Systems, a leader in biometric voice verification technology, has set up its European headquarters in Malvern.

The Australian-based firm chose to be situated within a tech cluster that includes defence and technology specialist QinetiQ, and will be based at Malvern Hills Science Park.

Auraya Systems has developed technology for people to use their unique voiceprints as secure passwords.

Just like a fingerprint, everyone’s voice is unique and cannot be replicated. The company's technology analyses the biometric data of each voice.

It can analyse 25 million voiceprint comparisons every minute. All this results in an extremely secure and safe way to identify users – solving a growing and expensive problem for businesses both large and small.

Clive Summerfield of Auraya said: “Worcestershire stood out from the start as a leading location and we are delighted to be here. We are at the heart of a tech cluster, with great connectivity – not to mention a beautiful location.

"We intend to use our proximity to industry here in the Midlands to grow our brand, profile and business with the brightest and best companies in the world. We are already talking to significant partners and making productive links. Our technology is unique and we are in demand. Expect to hear more about us.”