Protecting people from all backgrounds who are living with domestic abuse is the focus of my work – we have a new ‘Safe from Harm’ team working across the Three Counties and I bring with me many years’ experience working in this area of law up in Manchester.

Domestic abuse takes many forms – control and coercive behaviour, violence, psychological, sexual or financial abuse – and can affect men or women, whatever their circumstances. It also has an impact on children in the family involved.

I am passionate about protecting people from further harm, by ensuring they have the protection of a non-molestation injunction. The work is fast-paced and depending on how complex the case is, I can be in court within 24-48 hours after I first hear from someone who needs help.

I work closely with West Mercia Women’s Aid and other agencies dealing with high risk cases and I’d like to offer free training to all the agencies, including the police, who deal with domestic abuse incidents. If I can help agencies have a better understanding of the process, it benefits them but it could also save lives.

I’m happy to meet anyone suffering domestic abuse in a safe place and I can also assess whether people are eligible for legal aid; domestic abuse is one of the few areas for which means-tested legal aid is available.

I tell every client that, that in six months’ time, they will be a totally different person – breaking the pattern of abusive behaviour with the protection of a non-molestation injunction will provide them with peace, freedom and the ability to make their own decisions without interference.