People do not generally want to think about death. They do, however, want to look after the people they love when they die and I help them to do just that; to make plans which give them comfort and for the sake of the family and friends they will leave behind.

Making a will can be as simple as you choose, though with complex family structures, business interests and a wide range of property issues both in the UK and abroad, many people need some help to deal with complications.

Determining how best to protect your assets, how to ensure that they pass to the people you have chosen and making sure that the whole process is as tax efficient as possible, is not simple and there are many considerations.

I help people to make sure they have the correct measures in place so that things are made as easy as possible for their loved ones.

I always try to put myself in their shoes and listening to individual concerns is essential during that process – it is the best way to come to a solution which gives my clients what they really want and need for their own peace of mind.

Many people want to prepare for a time when they cannot make decisions for themselves – it may be difficult to contemplate, but it will make life much easier for your family if you have thought ahead.

It does not sound glamorous but it is really important; you are deciding who should benefit from your lifetime’s work or who should control your assets when you can no longer do so.