We all know that moving house is one of the most difficult processes anyone can go through, but that can be made much easier if you are ready to negotiate and sometimes compromise. Most people are ready to give way a little, which is the most realistic approach.

Everyone wants their sale and purchase to go ahead without any hitches, of course, but being realistic from the start will mean the inevitable hiccups don’t derail you. We usually tell people that a transaction will take six to eight weeks, which is a useful guideline – every case is different, of course.

Because a house move always costs more than you imagine – removals, changing utility suppliers, unexpected insurance or liabilities – it’s important to know from the start how much your legal fees and expenses are going to be, and I make sure that we give people that information up front.

BUSINESS LAW: Support through difficult times

It’s also important to make sure that people really understand what’s happening from start to finish – I always explain clearly at each stage because I understand how stressful it can be if you’re kept in the dark about something so important.

Helping people to achieve such a major milestone successfully is a real source of satisfaction – I work with all sorts, from first-time buyers and older people who are downsizing, to investors who have a very commercial approach and companies who are buying to let.

Patience and persistence are important parts of my work, but being flexible and inventive when faced with problems is also vital – I want to be sure I can give people what they need and even go beyond what they expect.