We are always working to improve the county’s business environment, and we are now calling for local companies and organisations to send us their views to help us build up a strong evidence base for Worcestershire’s Local Industrial Strategy.

We would like to encourage everyone with a strong link to business in Worcestershire to share any information that they think should be included or taken into consideration during the preparation of Worcestershire’s Local Industrial Strategy. This is so that we can most accurately prepare the strategy in alignment with key business ideas that will help to make a positive difference to the county’s economy.

We’re asking businesses and organisations to name their top three barriers to economic growth and productivity. We’re also asking which sectors should be considered as a priority, what are the opportunities for collaboration with neighbouring regions and what does Worcestershire need to do to change its long-term competitiveness, as well as other questions.

We really do want all businesses and organisations to get involved and share their views with the team as the Local Industrial Strategy will help to shape the direction of the county’s economy.

The Worcestershire LEP research team will be collecting views and evidence to be featured within the Local Industrial Strategy evidence base until the deadline of May 17.

If you would like to find out more detail about all aspects of the Local Industrial Strategy, please visit the Worcestershire LEP website, wlep.co.uk or contact the team by emailing enquiries@wlep.co.uk

To submit your response, email research@worcestershire.gov.uk using the subject title ‘WLEP LIS Evidence’.

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