Taking a practical approach and trying to keep stress for clients to a minimum is the key for corporate lawyers – clients want sensible, realistic advice which meets their own business needs.

Working in the health and social care team means that I work with day nurseries, vets, owners of care homes or pharmacies, as well as other types of business in this sector.

Often when a person decides to sell their business, it is that one person’s life’s work, so it is very important to them.

I like being able to move through the transaction process with them, making sure that every step is clear and that they are reassured that we have covered all the legal issues which come up. Understanding how their business works makes that process much easier.

I love the pace of these transactions, and the excitement – I’m often helping clients take a major step in their lives and that is very rewarding.

It is made much easier by the fact that I can call on experts from across the firm, which helps make the whole process quicker and easier for the client too.

In the past, I’ve worked with a lot of charities, and in education too, but the health and social care sector is very diverse and interesting.

The work is similar because it involves a lot of regulatory issues, due diligence and an understanding of existing commitments and contracts.

Each transaction is different, because each client is different, but they all bring their own rewards; when a client is really pleased with the outcome, that’s excellent.

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