Getting a life-changing result for a client who’s been seriously injured in an accident really makes my job worthwhile – a result which takes that person as close as possible to how they were before the accident happened. You can’t turn the clock back, but we can make a major difference to someone’s life.

People are often reluctant to claim, and a very important part of my work is to support them through a complex and often frustrating process.

It can seem very intimidating, but we aim to help people with every stage, from sorting out the medical records and reports to setting up rehabilitation and recovering lost earnings.

For instance, for a serious road accident, you could need several different experts’ reports to create a full picture of someone’s injuries and the care they will need in the long-term.

They might need alternative accommodation for the future, or expensive adaptations to their existing home, as well as long-term care and on-going treatment.

When people need to claim against the NHS, if clinical negligence is involved, they often feel reluctant because they feel the NHS is already under enough pressure.

The cost of the process also makes people hesitant to claim, but especially for people who aren’t able to work after an accident, the worry about how to pay the bills can be overwhelming.

Above all, I want clients to have the best quality of life possible.

Medical Accident Group is a sister company to Harrison Clark Rickerbys