Barristers are famous for talking but the best of them listen much more than they talk – I think that’s the key to really understanding a business, especially when it comes to dealing with people issues.

People are at the heart of every organisation and so right at the heart of my area of expertise, employment law.

People problems at work are the trickiest – they are what keep all of us awake at night. Communication is often at the root of the problem, as with all human relationships, but we can learn to communicate more clearly in the workplace, and I help clients to see how they might do that.

Sometimes I can solve the problem for my clients, sometimes they need to solve it for themselves with my support behind the scenes – there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution.

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My experience, and the time spent getting to know a client and really understanding the culture of the business, steer me towards the solution they need.

I have been sitting as a judge in employment tribunals for 13 years and it informs my work – I see what happens when things go wrong within a business and it is often clear how and when a situation could have been resolved if dealt with in a different way earlier on.

The interaction with such a variety of interesting people is what I love about my job, and I really enjoy being able to help them – theoretical legalistic advice is no good to people; they need practical answers and I enjoy providing them and helping businesses put them in place.