With the ongoing political turmoil surrounding Brexit and with just over six weeks to go to the October 31 deadline there’s maybe just one thing that is certain. It makes sense for us all to prepare... for all eventualities.

Contingency planning can sometimes be regarded as ‘navel-gazing’, and the preserve of those who have too much time on their hands. That’s all changed. Because with decision-deadlines looming and Government operating a break neck speeds it is no longer ‘business as usual’.

Of course, the difficulties for everyone are the sheer levels of uncertainty, complexity and potential scenarios. They combine to make informed decision making extremely difficult.

That is why we are refreshing our Small Business Brexit Pack and providing our members with guidance on specific concerns via our legal helpline.

Of course, advice is also available from many other sources. They include the Government website and checklist and raft of Brexit Business Readiness events being delivered across the UK.

A quick online search for ‘brexitreadinessevents’ will bring up a listing of the currently confirmed dates and locations. The Department for International Trade also has a series of workshops for exporters to enable them to create an action plan, with one being held at Chateau Impney on October 22. Details of this and a range of other Brexit-related matters are available online at gov.uk/brexit

While we must prepare for all eventualities, the Government itself must focus on finding a solution to avoid a chaotic no-deal and deliver a transition period.

This would enable small businesses – and all of us – to start preparing for the changes that will take us from where we are now, to where we need to be in the future.