The buzz of a transaction and the knowledge that I’m helping someone to get absolutely the best deal for their years of hard work – that’s what makes my job so satisfying.

As a corporate lawyer, I work mainly with health and social care clients, and we work with a lot of vets at the moment; I think the market is very buoyant and practices are very desirable.

Because vets have usually built their practices up over many years – possibly a lifetime – it’s very personal when they come to sell, which makes it harder for them.

It can be a rollercoaster ride for them, and that is when I can offer support as well as legal advice; if you have never been involved in a transaction like that before, it can be genuinely difficult.

Most people’s experience of selling goes as far as moving house – that’s quite traumatic enough, and selling your life’s work is even tougher.

I want the best deal for them so that they can move on to the next step for them, knowing that they have been properly rewarded for all their hard work. Other clients, like health and social care providers and dentists, face some of the same issues – they know their service users and patients and they want to make sure that they too will be looked after when the sale is complete.

Before working as a solicitor, I qualified as a barrister – you might think that is more exciting or more glamorous, but it isn’t, believe me. My job is varied and interesting, and I know that I’m helping clients realise the value of all their efforts; that’s what it’s all about.