Burying your head in the sand and hoping that business problems will go away might seem tempting but all it really does is reduce the options you have – if people come to me for help soon enough, there are usually more options available.

When a business is struggling, or when it has been hit by problems which are genuinely outside its control, it can be very difficult for those in charge to see a clear way forward.

But if I can help them to protect their business, along with the jobs, property and assets which go with it, that can be the best outcome for everyone concerned – sometimes a business needs a fresh approach, and if there is on-going goodwill, I will do my best to maintain that.

If there is genuinely no other option, I will see the business through the insolvency process and try to make sure that everything is explained as clearly as possible.

Time spent understanding what a business needs and what the owner wants to achieve is always important – once I know that, I can work on solutions. That is the part I really enjoy – finding a way through a complicated tangle of difficulties.

One advantage that we have is that we can draw on all the expertise of colleagues around us to help the business which is struggling – experts who can examine contracts, employment specialists, property experts and those with specialist industry sector knowledge.

All businesses, from sole traders to national organisations, encounter problems – how they deal with them and how quickly they seek help, can make the difference between success and failure.