I DEAL with all areas of family law but have a particular interest in matters concerning children. I often work with parents handling disputes about their children – these issues can arise years after separation, and are very difficult for everyone.

If a couple split up when their children are very young, when those children become teenagers, it’s all too easy for an argument between parent and teenager to escalate, with the child demanding to live with the other parent.

Once a child approaches their teenage years, the court must take their wishes into account. This can be very painful for a parent whose child seems to want to live elsewhere and my role is to support the parent as objectively as possible to achieve the best possible outcome.

I aim to help to resolve these situations before they come to court, but if that isn’t possible, I’ll represent my clients personally at court rather than instruct a barrister who may never have met them before – it gives them continuity and personal support.

In my work, I obviously advise both married and unmarried couples – one common belief held by many unmarried couples is that they have legal rights as a common-law wife or husband after they have lived together for a while.

This is just not true – people who live together must make sure that they protect themselves, especially if they are buying property together.

I am a firm believer in settling family law cases outside court, but if it isn’t possible, my clients know that I will support them through the whole process.