KEEPING children safe from harm is my top priority – I am absolutely committed to children’s law and to getting the best result for them.

I see a wide range of situations which affect children very deeply – divorce or care proceedings, for instance – and our Safe from Harm team is now focused on this work, supporting children, and those who want the best for them, through the courts.

It’s vital that a child has someone on their side to protect their best interests – often that will be a family member, but if not, I will fight for their protection and wellbeing.

In care proceedings, where parents are not felt to be able to care for their children properly, local authorities will frequently focus on removing the child from their family and putting them into care.

But there is often another family member – a grandparent or an aunt, for instance – who wants to look after the child and is well able to do so; in that case, I will support that person.

I work with a team who focus on giving legal support to those who are vulnerable, both children and adults – domestic abuse is something all family lawyers come across, and we support victims who need protection for themselves and their children.

Legal aid is often available for cases like this, so we can help people with very little money.

I also do my own advocacy, arguing a case in court from start to finish so clients don’t have to deal with new people (barristers) at the most stressful point of a long and difficult process. I will be with them all the way.