THIS week, we’ll take a look into the events surrounding the Honda security breach.

As it stands, this attack wasn’t only specific to Honda, but Edesur also experienced a similar attack. As a result, an announcement made by Honda has revealed that production, sales and even development activities are hit.

Allegedly, this is a ransomware attack dubbed “EKANS / SNAKE”, which began to erupt back in January.

This ransomware has been thoroughly investigated by Malwarebytes, who have published extensive information relating to how the malware works.

Based on the ransomware note, it appears that the group behind this attack have a particular interest in Industrial Control Systems (ICS), and use the ransomware to encrypt files once the malware resolves to the hardcoded hostname

Manufacturing and Industrial sectors remain to be one of the worst affected when considering ransomware, with many businesses still struggling to separate their corporate network from their industrial network.

As a result of this, when ransomware strikes, the results can be catastrophic, affecting both business productivity as well as manufacturing.

Like with many huge evolvements, it is an important change to consider.

However, there are both financial and operational considerations that need to be made regarding network segregation in a manufacturing environment.

It is likely that we’ll begin to see a shift in security priorities for many businesses in this sector, and hopefully a drastic reduction in security attacks overall.