THERE has been much comment in the national or even international press about the effects of lockdown on relationships when so many people have been forced to spend so much time close together.

Apparently there has been a spike of separations in China and Italian divorce enquiries rose by 30 per cent when lockdown eased.

What is happening in the UK and more specifically Worcester?

There is certainly talk in the legal press about the number of enquiries increasing.

Our own experience has been that some clients have spent more time together, looked at the world outside and decided that there are bigger issues in the world so are giving it another go.

Others have found that lockdown has aggravated the stresses and concluded that they have to get out.

We have seen enquiries go up as lockdown has started to ease.

We are carrying out interviews over the phone, by Facetime and Zoom to provide people with the service and crucially the facts they need in making their decisions.