HELPING businesses to grow and progress is the foundation for my work in commercial property – those are the deals I appreciate, rather than those with the largest figures attached.

In the last few years, for instance, I have handled three sizeable property deals for firms relocating to Worcestershire, either taking on new builds or, in one case, taking on a very large empty site. In each case there was major expansion, investment, new jobs and a great opportunity for those businesses to drive forward.

Property can enable growth or inhibit it – we all know what it’s like when you have outgrown something. The best way forward is to work with ambitious businesses to help them to think positively about their property and to use loans, leases and pension funds to make the best of it.

But humour is vital, especially when a situation is difficult or fraught.  I have always found that it helps to prevent people digging in their heels and refusing to budge. With honesty, directness and a constant awareness of people’s commercial needs, it’s a winning combination.

I know that whether we are helping a family business to sell their corner shop or enabling developers to create a new business park, our commercial and friendly approach makes all the difference, along with having the people who can deal with any finance, banking and construction issues which come up.  

I really enjoy encouraging bright young lawyers and giving more experienced team members opportunities to develop their careers too. I want them to flourish too, like our clients.