THREE Droitwich students have designed a new flag to celebrate their school's recent conversation to an academy.

St Peter’s Droitwich CE Academy, St Peter's Church Lane, which recently converted to an academy, has a new uniform which incorporates the school’s new logo and has changed its external signage.

To further celebrate the move to an academy, the school held a competition for the children to design a new school flag.

The pupils incorporated into their designs something to represent the school, something to represent St Peter and a Christian symbol.

The winning designs, which were chosen by headteacher Tracey O’Keeffe-Pullan, were by Isabel Wright (Key Stage 1), Freda Brookes (Key Stage 1) and Penelope Crabbe (Key Stage 2).

Headteacher Tracey O'Keeffe-Pullan said: "The children embraced the opportunity to create something that could be enjoyed by all at St Peter’s and would continue to fly high as they continued their journey through school. The three final designs were from a mix of year groups and represent all that makes our school such a special place."

The trio incorporated in their designs the school motto, a circle of friends and a fish and wave to represent St Peter and the symbol of Christianity.

The handmade flag provides an exact replica of the original designs and can be seen flying high in the playground on school days.