ANCIENT Romans, Civil War soldiers and Viking warriors invaded Worcestershire this weekend as part of a Living History event.

Hundreds of people from Worcester Reenactors visited The Commandery museum as part of the Love Worcester Heritage festival.

The 13th annual event featured a parade to Worcester cathedral and a display of firing through the ages.

Other highlights included a historical Punch and Judy show, a Georgian dance routine and a Victorian magic lantern show. There were also events taking place at Tudor House, Greyfriars and the Guildhall.

Alistair North, Worcester re-enactor posing as a 17th Century gentleman, said: “The English Civil War is quite a big part of our history. What we can do is illustrate that and get people a little bit more interested. We’re not going to give people lengthy dry lectures, we just want to spark an interest."

The Commandery is most famous for being the Royalist headquarters in the 1651 Battle of Worcester that ended the English Civil War.