BRITISH Transport Police (BTP) have tweeted to say they went out to reports of youths throwing bricks at trains overnight.

The force attended Droitwich Railway Station to two reports of youths throwing bricks, in the earlier hours of this morning.

BTP3Counties tweeted: "Second call to Droitwich Spa for S/SGT James to reports of youths throwing bricks at trains.

"This is an incredibly dangerous act and will be taken seriously.

"Currently conducting an area search for the suspects."

In 2016, BTP warned about the dangers of brick throwing after one was hurled from a bridge at a high speed train in Brockhill Lane, Norton, smashing the driver’s cab window.

Although nobody was injured in that incident, the train driver was left extremely shaken by what happened.

BTP say incidents like this often increase during lighter nights and with more young people playing outside, so ask parents and carers to stress the dangers at throwing items at trains, and treating the railway as a playground.