Help wave away the loneliness of your isolated neighbours – every Wednesday.

A FEW months ago we were clapping for our care worker heroes on a Thursday.

Now we are being asked for a Wednesday Wave to counter loneliness among care home residents or those feeling isolated in the pandemic.

Care homes across the West Midlands are taking part in The Wednesday Wave campaign launched by the Vamos mask theatre company.

It will run for ten weeks from October 14 and aims to connect the public with people in care homes or those who may be isolating in their own homes.

More than 500,000 vulnerable people are unable to leave their homes because of the pandemic, and it’s having an effect on many people’s mental health.

The Vamos company say: “Those still isolating must not be forgotten.”

For ten weeks, from October 14 until December 16, the Arts Council England-funded theatre company is encouraging the public to connect with residents in local care homes or isolated neighbours, by waving to them through windows from 3pm on Wednesdays. The company are also connecting primary schools with local care homes.

How does it work?

• If you are a Care Home resident or live alone and feel isolated, or in need of contact, put The Wednesday Wave poster in your window, letting your community know that you’re inviting a wave. You can download a poster to print at

• If you’d like to wave, whether on your way home from school, on a break from work or on a daily walk, identify somewhere with a poster displayed.

• From 3pm on Wednesdays, let the waving begin!

Where did the idea come from?

• Vamos Theatre’s Culture in Quarantine commission for the BBC, a series of short films made in isolation during lockdown. How Hard is Waving? tells the story of a family trying to keep connected in lockdown and was itself inspired by the true story of Artistic Director Rachael Savage’s personal ‘wave’ with a local care home resident.