A MAN has been arrested in an alleged 'paedophile sting' in a hotel car park. 

Police were seen arresting the man in the Hotel Express Inn car park in Droitwich at around 4pm. 

An eyewitness claims they knew it was a 'sting' as there was a man videoing the arrest and talk of a 'young girl' and 'screenshots.'

They said: "I was just sat in the car park in my car when I heard someone shout 'police.'

"I saw a guy being arrested and another guy was videoing the whole thing, saying 'we've got screenshots.' 

"At first I didn't know what was going on, but then the penny dropped, it was one of those paedophile stings. I've seen them on Facebook, but never thought I'd see one in real life.

"The police arrested the man and I heard them tell him he was being arrested on suspicion of inciting a young girl. They put him in the van and then started searching his car. 

"I couldn't believe it."

The police are still at ther scene.

We will bring you more on this as we get it.