THE biggest gamble of the Prime Minister's life is about to play out.

Today is 'Freedom Day', but for it not to turn into 'Freedumb Day' is going to take a lot of luck, and I don't like the odds.

A number of leading scientists have urged against what we are doing. They say at just over 50 per cent of the population double jabbed, we should wait a little longer, many believing over 70 is a more realistic figure to consider full unlocking.

Cases are shooting up, and we are creating the perfect conditions for the virus to spread through the unvaccinated, and become a variant able to kill double jabbed people.

If hospitalisations also continue in the upward curve, the NHS will become overwhelmed.

Vaccines alone don't work, you need to keep case numbers down.

The PM is gambling the nightmare variant doesn't arrive, and the NHS can cope.

It comes down to luck, but why take the risk.

We have a successful vaccination programme, why are we not finishing it and suppressing cases to ensure a lockdown is never needed again?

Which is more painful, a few more weeks now or months of lockdown later?