SIR – Dilip Sarkar’s claims that ‘Keith’ the seal is devastating Diglis’ fishstocks are alarmist, misinformed and grossly misleading.

How could any person of intelligence think that a solitary animal could significantly impact upon the fish population on a whole stretch of river?

The British Divers Marine Life Rescue state clearly that there is no concern about the seal. I have no doubt that the BDMLR and/or the RSPCA would step in, without hesitation, if the seal’s health was in danger.

As for the fish, the significant danger the population face is from the fishermen themselves.

Conserving the fish stocks for anglers is conservation in the name of a hobby for one group of people. True conservation of the environment is helping wildlife of all species without personal agenda.

The visiting seal has more right to harvest the river than any fisherman.

A native species to this country, the seal is in its natural environment, if a little off the beaten track.

I welcome our guest to Worcester, and hope it feeds itself well to aid its journey back to the coast when it is ready. There’s certainly no need for self-interested ‘experts’ to call for the seal’s removal from our city’s waters.