SIR – A couple of years ago, you reported that a fisherman was complaining that cormorants were eating fish in the Severn.

Then the owner of a private fishing lake complained that otters were eating his mirror carp (a non-native species).

We also read that Councillor Alan Amos wanted to cull gulls because they’re attracted to the strong smell of fried chicken in the air.

Now we read that a “fisheating seal” called ‘Keith’ is eating fish and the wildlife in the river is being devastated.

An expert said that he’s an “opportunist eater”. Did he mean that Keith ate when he found food or should he have eaten at regular meal times?

Whatever next? Should we shoot the seal? Tell him to alter his diet?

Maybe we could use a trained badger marksman?

This is bumkum. Nothing destroys nature more than humans.

The rivers Severn and Teme are clean now due to stringent laws on pollution.

Let’s keep these rivers clean for all wildlife.

We should stop complaining that natural predators compete for food with us and our high-tech killing equipment.