SIR – For a long time now I have read the opinions of Jon Burgess on the Worcester News letters page and refused to bite.

But after his letter ‘We need action now over bovine TB’ (Worcester News, November 20) I have had enough of his attitude.

It seems obvious to me that his hatred of animal lovers and vegans is a very personal one.

What terrible event befell him to leave him with such a bitter and heartless perspective, I wonder?

The fight to stop the badger cull is one of logic and compassion.

Surely the most logical course of action is to listen to what the scientists are telling us – that a cull will not significantly reduce bovine TB.

If the cull went ahead it would be against everything that scientists have advised and with no proof that it would be effective.

There will be a vaccine very shortly and most people would prefer to go down this road rather than take a stab in the dark and potentially wipe out our beautiful badger population.

I would also like to point out that the clue is in the name bovine TB.

Mr Burgess, this fight to save the badgers is nothing to do with being vegan; it is science-led and most people have a little more compassion and common sense than you. Try a little compassion.