SIR –Pauline Burgess (Worcester News, December 5) has perhaps misunderstood the export of beef to Russia.

The trade will actually be as meat rather than live animals as this is better economically and from the point of animal welfare.

This opportunity could boost our agricultural and rural economy by up to £115 million over the next three years.

British farmers might also have benefited from sending high quality breeding cattle to Russia, this has been prevented by the Schmallenberg virus.

Russia banned the import of all live cattle and sheep from the EU recently because of this disease.

Now most of the breeding stock, investment and farming skills are going to Russia from Canada, the USA and Australia.

Regarding the movement of calves to Spain for veal, to ban this trade is against EU legislation.

However, as recommended by Compassion in World Farming, an increase in homegrown veal consumption would end the export of calves and improve animal welfare.

The death of 47 sheep at Ramsgate was a disaster.

The French lorry, being faulty, was unloaded into a totally unsuitable area. Two sheep found to be injured were shot. Some of the remainder fell through a pen floor into a water tank and two drowned.

The rest were considered to be lame and were also shot, the necessity of killing these particular animals is now being investigated.

Those involved, from haulier to the RSPCA, have questions to answer and Pauline Burgess has helped by keeping it in the media spotlight.