SIR – I was listening to the radio in my kitchen and what I heard was very upsetting.

Someone was being interviewed about a fox hunt that took place in Ledbury in November.

They played on the radio the audio recording of a fox being killed and ripped apart by a pack of hounds.

The screams from the women trying to get the huntsmen to stop it made me feel sick.

The cruelty of this should be stopped straight away.

This man on the radio was saying that animal rights people don’t care about the foxes and that they are just political – what a load of rubbish.

The people who put themselves in danger trying to stop this cruel sport are brave and good people who care for our wildlife.

Why don’t they put the hunters in a field and train the hounds to chase them.

See how they would like to be frightened with nowhere to hide.

This is not political, it is protecting our wildlife from bloody-thirsty hunters who get a kick out of seeing a fox torn apart.