SIR – With respect to John Shearon (Worcester News, January 4) he is confused over the issue of hunting.

Worcester MP Michael Foster never succeeded with any anti-hunting legislation.

The time he wasted over hunting cost him his seat at the last election.

Mr Shearon also fails to appreciate the start of true animal welfare was due to pro-hunting people like Richard Martin MP.

He helped start the RSPCA and his legislation rightly led to banning dog fighting and animal baiting.

The Hunting Act (2004) has not saved one fox and has actually caused cruelty.

The Act was introduced by underhand means but it will be repealed democratically.

Even the most extreme animal rights activist admits this law had nothing to do with animal welfare, it was just a continuation of a class war that kept Labour MPs happy.

Prime Minister Tony Blair allowed 700 hours of parliamentary time to be wasted on the Act while going to war with Iraq warranted only 70 hours.

The resent prosecution of the Heythrop Hunt by the RSPCA put things into perspective. The RSPCA brought 52 charges against the hunt, withdrew most and were successful with just four after spending nearly £330,000 on the finest barristers and legal costs.

While this was going on the RSPCA was announcing redundancies for more than 100 staff and destroyed 53,000 animals last year.

It’s highly likely Richard Martin is spinning in his grave as we write, Mr Shearon.