SIR – In her letter (Worcester News, January 7) Carole Roberts referred to a radio broadcast about an incident involving the Ledbury Hunt.

She alleged a fox was killed by the hunt. However, when interviewed, both Mike Foster and the League Against Cruel Sports said there was no proof the hounds had killed the fox.

Video footage shot by the hunt saboteurs at the scene clearly confirms this.

The film does show a saboteur lashing out at a hound and using language and behaviour towards bystanders that is threatening.

The dead fox was removed and given to the RSPCA for a full autopsy.

This will probably indicate if the animal was initially struck by a vehicle, poisoned or shot.

Where Ms Roberts is completely wrong is in believing the hunting ban has improved animal welfare.

Hunting controlled the fox selectively. The old, crippled or mangy fox was mostly caught by hounds while the healthy tended to get away.

This also saved many a fox from much suffering.

Now the vast majority are being shot or snared, which is totally un-selective and therefore bad for the species overall.

This issue was never about animal welfare, the real objective it has been about is intolerance, bigotry and prejudice – three things that should have been securely confined to the dustbin of history years ago.