SIR – Now John Phillpott has decided to insult vegans (Worcester News, February 2)

None of my omnivore friends would ever expect me to cook them a meat dish when they come for dinner.

They have respect for my beliefs. In fact they are always keen to try out new vegan dishes for me when I go to their houses for a meal.

If Mr Phillpott only gets served a nut roast he has to “hack” through, well, I suppose not everyone can be a good cook.

Nut roasts? I hardly every make them. I prefer a pithivier as a roast dinner or maybe a nice shepherd’s pie, lasagne, etc, followed by a vegan cheesecake or lemon egg-free meringue pie.

I have friends with nut allergy and gluten intolerance so I always make sure the meal is made suitable for all my guests.

I would never refer to them as a “wretched nuisance”.

The only people I can see who are going on about veganism lately are meat eaters. It seems to have become an obsession. As for vegans being the political wing of vegetariansim, what’s that all about?