SIR – Maxine Burgess (Worcester News, February 6) maintains that veganism is a “mainstream lifestyle’’.

However, the truth is less than a third of one per cent of the population are believed to be vegans.

Ms Burgess states she is “knowledgeable about goings on in the countryside’’, claiming she has witnessed sheep and lambs regularly left to die “due to neglect’’.

If true then why has she failed to report these incidents to the relevant authorities for proper investigation and possible prosecution?

It is also questionable that any farmer in these difficult times would allow his valuable stock to die needlessly.

What we eat is a personal choice but lately it seems to be a subject almost being forced down our throats by those who know what’s “best”.

The window display mentioned by Ms Burgess at Malvern Tourist Information Centre was greatly reduced after I contacted them.

They removed material from the small animal rights pressure group Vegetarian International Voice for Animals.

‘VIVA’ campaign against eating meat, dairy produce, fish, wearing wool or leather shoes and more. The Malvern area has much quality livestock with cattle and sheep grazing the hills to support essential biodiversity. This fine produce supplies local hotels, restaurants and shops.

Stock farming has helped create and maintain so much of our beautiful landscape which in turn encourages tourism. Malvern TIC do a great job promoting Malvern but thankfully will no longer encourage VIVA.