SIR – Re Councillor [Richard] Udall’s letter (Worcester News, February 5).

Since when did the Labour Party care about the British worker? It was Labour who opened the floodgates to millions of low-paid immigrant workers, thus putting British workers on the dole.

It was Labour who bankrupted the country, causing record child poverty and fuel poverty.

It has led to the setting up of 400 food banks across Britain to feed the starving.

Labour has got Britain involved in two wars leading to needless British and Muslim deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan, while costing billions.

All this is affecting Worcestershire, or are you in denial, Mr Udall?

Seeing as your party caused this mess, Mr Udall, if you really care why don’t you help the BNP to raise funds to bulk-buy food stuffs for the hungry of Worcestershire.


British National Party