SIR – Jon Burgess (Worcester News, February 12) seems to have this strange view that all the animals on British farms are kept to wonderful standards and they are protected by farm animal welfare laws.

The problem is that these laws have to be enforced. In many cases this does not happen.

After reporting numerous sheep because of neglect none were helped.

In one case three of my neighbours also reported the same sheep.

After numerous phone calls an inspector arrived in the dark without a torch and went into the field.

He came out several minutes later and said all was well. Four people couldn’t all be wrong.

As for his description of VIVA (Vegetarian International Voice for Animals) being a small animal rights welfare group, does Mr Burgess realise that it is a charity and as such is permitted to be a pressure group the same as many other charities.

As an international campaign group helping animals across the world, I wonder why anyone would have a problem with them.

As vegans we may not support the livestock industry in Worcestershire but we buy our local produce from the county’s many growers. Agriculture isn’t all about animal farming.